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Digital microscopy and digital imaging combine to produce picture-perfect results.

Designed to truly harness the power of Nikon's CFI60 optics, the Eclipse 80i delivers remarkably high signal to noise ratios, producing fluorescence images that reveal more than ever before. Never has there been a research microscope so optimized for digital microscopy. The state-of-the-art design includes a vast array of advanced features, including Nikon’s proprietary “fly-eye” technology, VC Plan Apo objectives and both intelligent and motorized digital imaging heads for the ultimate digital imaging microscope system.
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Features of Eclipse 80i
  • Unparalleled S/N Ratio and Contrast During Fluorescence Imaging  
  • Excitation Balancer Continuously Adjusts Excitation Wavelength  
  • Six-filter Turret  
  • Upgraded DIC Performance  
  • CFI60 Infinity Optics  
  • Plan Apo VC Objectives Deliver High-resolution Images  
  • Digital-imaging Head Creates an Optimal Digital-imaging Platform  
  • Optical Zoom Function  
  • Dual Port  
  • Solid Construction Enables High-precision Focusing  
  • Centering Rotatable Stage Model  
  • Ergonomic Tube  
  • Stay-in-position Stage Handle  
  • Automatic Detection of Microscopy Status  
  • Eye Level Riser
General Specifications
Microscope TypeUpright
Additional Specifications

Optical System:  
CFI60 Infinity Optical System  
Coarse/fine focusing:  
Fine: 0.1mm per rotation Coarse: 14mm per rotation Minimum reading: 1µm on left side knob Coarse motion torque adjustable Refocusing function (focus clamp)  
12V-100W halogen lamp; 100-240V (worldwide voltage); Built-in "Fly-eye" optics for optimal digital-imaging iIllumination  
Built-in filter:  
NCB11, ND8, ND32  
Eyepiece tube:  
Digital Imaging Head; Binocular tube B (for F.O.V. 22mm); Trinocular tube "F" UW (for F.O.V. 22mm/25mm, observation/photo: 100/0, 0/100); Trinocular tube "T" UW (for F.O.V. 22mm/25mm, observation/photo: 100/0, 20/80, 0/100); Ergonomic binocular tube (for F.O.V. 22mm, inclination:10-30°, extension: 40mm); DSC port: 50/50, 100/0 (optional)  
Eyepiece lens:  
10X (F.O.V.: 22mm), 10X M photo mask (F.O.V.: 22mm), 12.5X (F.O.V.: 16mm), 15X (F.O.V.: 14.5mm), UW 10X (F.O.V.: 25mm), UW 10X M photo mask (F.O.V.: 25mm)  
Sextuple nosepiece, DIC sextuple nosepiece, Intelligent DIC sextuple nosepiece, Intelligent septuple nosepiece, Motorized DIC sextuple nosepiece, Seven place intelligent nosepiece  
Super-hard Alumite coated surface; Stay-in-position stage handle; Stage handle height and tension adjustable; Rectangular 159 x 243mm surface stage, 78 x 54mm cross travel (x-y movement); 1-slide or 2-slide specimen holder available (option)  
Stage rotation:  
Centerable, 220° (80i Rotatable Stage model)  
Condenser focusing stroke:  
Intermediate accessories:  
Universal epi-fluorescence Illuminator (6 filter positions, material application capability) manual & motorized versions, Teaching heads, Double port, Magnification module, Drawing tube, Eye-level riser  
Observation method:  
Brightfield, Epi-fluorescence, DIC, Phase contrast, Darkfield, Simple polarizing, Epi/brightfield, Epi/Darkfield, Epi/DIC, Epi/Simple polarizing

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