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Making fine flourescence a reality

The Optigrid M is perfect for a broad range of samples but excels with thick and multicellular samples such as nematodes, brain slices, embryos and fish. Due to its reliance on an arc-burner-based illumination source, Optigrid M is perfect for all procedures normally completed without the Optigrid M installed. The additional resolution and clarity it provides also make it highly suited to other tasks.
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Features of Optigrid M
  • Resolution enhancement by removal of out of focus blur  
  • Sharp, high contrast semi-confocal images  
  • Cost efficient optical sectioning  
  • Optical sections through thick specimens  
  • 3-D reconstruction of cell groups
General Specifications
Microscope TypeConfocal
Additional Specifications

Confocal method:   
Structured illumination microscopy  
Optical system combined with mathematical algorithm  
Observation method:   
Fluorescence microscopy  
BX51/61 and BXWI:   
cell^F or cell^P imaging software  
and OGM BX  
cell^F, cell^P, cell^M and cell^R imaging software and OGM IX  
cell^F, cell^P, cell^M and cell^R imaging software and OGM IX  
UPlanSApo 10x  
UPlanSApo 20x  
UPlanSApo 40x  
UPlanSApo 60xO  
UPlanSApo 60xW  
75 W Xenon arc lamp  
preciseExcite LED illumination  
MT10 and MT20 illumination system  
Recommended accessories:   
Antivibration plate  
Recommended camera:   
DP72, XC10, XM10, Hamamatsu Orca R2, XM10, XM10TIR  
Environmental conditions:   
Temperature and humidity: 10°C–35°C, 30%–80%

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