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Manufactured by  MilliporeSigma
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Millipore's peristaltic pumps are recommended for clarification and sterilizing filtration of culture and media

They are also used to operate laboratory bench-top tangential flow devices such as Millipore Pellicon® systems.

The Millipore vacuum/pressure pump is a diaphragm-operated vacuum/pressure pump that provides a portable AC-powered source of vacuum (to 635 mm/25 in Hg) or pressure (to 4.2 bar/60 psig). This pump is intended for filtration of liquids or gases, or for other continuous or intermittent use, with all types of filter holders. An optional service kit is available for pump maintenance.

CAUTION: Always use a dispensing pressure vessel or vacuum-flask water trap in conjunction with the pump. Never pump or draw fluids through the pump or you could damage it.
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Features of XX8000000

The pump has these features:

  • The motor and pump are permanently lubricated.
  • A thermal overload switch with automatic reset protects the motor.
  • Low operating noise is further minimized by rubber feet and inlet and outlet filter/muffler silencers.
  • All internal surfaces (except the stainless steel leaf valves) are Teflon™-coated to prevent corrosion.
  • The diaphragm is protected with a Kevlar cover to prevent attack by chemicals or solvent vapors.
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