Bruker Corporation - 400-GC Series

Manufactured by  Bruker Corporation
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Performance and Reliability in an Easy to Use Platform

The 400-GC Series is comprised of two key members: the 430-GC System and the 450-GC System. The 430-GC system is a single channel, single detector style system that is compact and very easy to use which makes it an ideal platform for routine analyses. The 450-GC is a premium system providing the capability to utilize up to three injectors and detectors for your analysis.
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Features of 400-GC Series
  • Flexibility and performance to suit the widest range of application needs  
  • Easily modified systems as your analysis requirements change  
  • Manual or fully automated operation to match your level of needed productivity  
  • Powerful customizable software for superior data analysis and faster throughput  
  • Intuitive operation via the advanced local user interface or Galaxie™ Chromatography Data Handling Software from Bruker  
  • Compact size allows the systems to fit into any laboratory environment  
  • Simple User Interface allows the systems to be used with minimal training and skill level  
  • Wide variety of options permits the use of conventional capillary or packed columns to minimize method redevelopment when utilizing non-standard columns
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Bruker Corporation - 430-GC

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