Kinematica - SMART series

Manufactured by  Kinematica
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Indispensable in QC and R&D laboratories

Indispensable in QC and R&D laboratories

Standard delivery: The equipment is supplied complete with standard spindles (4 spindles for L model, and 6 spindles for R and H models), viscometer stand and spindle protector, carrying case, USB cable and Datalogger Software.
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Features of SMART series
  • Touch key board 6 keys
  • Direct readout on a graphic display
  • Data displayed:
    • Selected speed r.p.m.
    • Selected spindle SP
    • Viscosity reading cP (mPa•s) or cSt
    • Percentage of full scale %
    • Sample temperature ºC or ºF (Optional)
    • Shear Rate (with coaxial spindles) SR (s-1)
    • Shear Stress (with coaxial spindles) SS (N/m2)
    • Density (introduced by the user) g/cm3
  • Viscosity reading: dynamic viscosity (cP or mPa•s) or kinematics viscosity (cSt).
  • Unit converter SI to CGS
  • Program features:
    • Time to torque: target torque pre-setting device
    • Time to stop: target time pre-setting device
    • 10 working memories
  • AUTO-TEST with sound and visual malfunction alarm
  • AUTO-RANGE function.
  • Temperature reading by PT100 (optional).
  • User-enabled viscosity and temperature (optional) calibration
  • 10 language options
  • Interface: USB
  • Datalogger Software: USB allows data transfer to a PC Excel format.
General Specifications

There are no General Specifications available.

Additional Specifications

Precision: ± 1% of full scale

Measuring range: 20 - 2.000.000

Speed in r.p.m: 0.3 - 100

Number of speeds: 18

Resolution: With low viscosity adapter: 0.01 For lower than 10.000 viscosity cP: 0.1 For viscosity equal to or above 10.000 cP: 1

Repeatability: 0.2%

Temperature margins: 0ºC to +100ºC 32ºF to 212.0 ºF

Resolution: 0.1ºC / 0.1722 ºF

Precision: +/- 0.1 ºC

Type of probe: PT100

Series Modals

Kinematica - SMART H

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Kinematica - SMART L

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Kinematica - SMART R

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