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Thermo Scientific* DFS High Resolution GC/MS offers outstanding sensitivity for POPs.

Thermo Scientific* DFS High Resolution GC/MS offers outstanding sensitivity for POPs.  
The instrument offers superior sensitivity for POPs - 20 fg TCDD injected onto the column will give a S/N > 200:1. In continuation of a 50-year history in high performance magnetic sector mass spectrometers, Thermo Fisher Scientific advances this technology with the DFS double-focusing, high-resolution magnetic sector. The DFS has all the best performance of a magnetic sector MS, but it neither looks nor feels like one.
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Features of DFS High Resolution

Operation as simple and straightforward as operating a typical benchtop MS  

  • Automatic tuning  
  • Automatic universal mass calibration: field-based calibration, i.e. mass calibration is independent of scan speed, polarity, ionization mode  
  • Unattended automatic operation  
  • Intuitive user interface and method and sequence set-up  
  • Comprehensive and flexible data evaluation and reporting  

Outstanding sensitivity and specificity in a high-throughput instrument  

  • Exceptional signal/noise with extraordinarily low limit of detection: 20fg TCDD on-column in high resolution MID mode gives S/N > 200:1  
  • Detection system with ±20kV conversion dynode and long-life secondary electron multiplier for efficient detection of ions  
  • Low limits of quantitation  
  • Mass Range of 2-6000 Da  

Ease of ownership  

  • Fits into a small laboratory  
  • Reduced power consumption  
  • Quieter than many other instruments  
  • Requires little installation time  
  • Immediately productive  

Other Key Features  

  • Full range of ionization modes available: EI, CI, FAB, FD/FI  
  • Pneumatically actuated exchange lock for ventless exchange of ionization volumes  
  • Removable ion volumes for easy source maintenance  
  • Radially laminated magnet  
  • High performance toroidal ESA  
  • Dual TRACE GC Ultra configuration with one TriPlus XT autosampler allows GC columns of different polarity used in one sequence: samples can be injected from one vial into two different GCs in fully automated fashion  
  • Water cooled DI probe and DCI probe available
General Specifications
Power Requirements 3-phase, 230/400V ± 10% 50/60 Hz, fused 25A per phase
Additional Specifications

Mass Range: 2-6000 Da  
Scan speeds: continuously variable from 0.1-10,000 sec/decade  
Humidity: 30-70%, non-condensing, non-corrosive  
Cooling Water: ca. 13 L/min, Temperature 20-25 °C 3-5 bar (43-65 psi)  
Helium: For GC carrier gas: 99.996% or better, ultra-high purity. Total hydrocarbons should be less than 2.0 ppm  
CI Gases: Methane, isobutane, or ammonia; 99.8% or better  
Compressed Air: For operation of the pneumatic valves: 6-8 bar, filtered for particulate matter, oil mist and moisture  
Pump Exhaust: 25 mm, 1 L/min

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