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Treat your bacteria and yeast with something special – let them experience the Eppendorf Eporator!

Welcome the Eppendorf Eporator®, the solution for efficiently transforming bacteria and yeast! The Eppendorf Eporator is the perfect fit for you and your lab. Ask the specialists – your bacteria and yeast – they will confirm that the product features and performance of the Eppendorf Eporator make it very easy for you to carry out your experiments and obtain excellent results.  
Electroporation can be used for the transformation of electrocompetent bacteria and yeast with DNA. Compared to chemical methods, electroporation yields a much higher transformation efficiency. It also gives more reproducible results than other methods, is very simple to perform and saves you valuable time.  
Treat your bacteria and yeast with something special – let them experience the Eppendorf Eporator!
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Features of Eporator
  • Faster sample handling – simple one-button operation: just set the voltage or choose a preset parameter and insert a cuvette  
  • Intuitive use – the status information on the colored display minimizes errors  
  • Fast and freely programmable – two program buttons allow storage and recall of most commonly used parameters, default setting: P1 1,700 V and P2 2,500 V  
  • Safe electronics* and integrated electroporation chamber eliminate voltage leaks and misuse  
  • Compact, space-saving design for easy storage and transport  
  • Easy, GLP-compliant documentation via USB port – data from your experiments can be exported for documentation and analysis
General Specifications
Depth 10.83 in
Height4.92 in
Width 7.48 in
Power Requirements 100 V–240 V ±10%, 50 Hz–60 Hz
Peak Power20 W
Weight7.05 lbs
Additional Specifications

Time constant: 5 ms nominal  
Output pulse form: Decaying exponential pulse form with RC time constant of 5 ms  
Pulse voltage: 200 V–2,500 V  
Charging time: <10 s  
Interface: USB 2.0

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