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LightCycler® System family offers the analytical performance and throughput you need for your research.

Whether your interest is in gene expression profiling or in detecting genetic variations, there is a member of the LightCycler® System family offering the analytical performance and throughput you need for your research. Supported by a broad range of software tools, real-time PCR based analysis can be performed in 32 capillaries, interchangeable 96-/384-well plates or using the novel, unique 1536-well format.
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Features of LightCycler®
  • RealTime ready qPCR Assays designed to your specifications  
  • Over five million qPCR assays for a large variety of organisms with only 165 Universal ProbeLibrary Probes  
  • MicroRNA PCR Panels on LightCycler® 480 Multiwell Plates, 384 available from Exiqon  
  • Ready-to-use panels contain pre-aliqoted microRNA PCR primer sets in 384-well PCR plates.  
  • RealTime ready Cell Lysis Kit - Fast One-Step Cell Lysis  
  • Accelerated Workflow for Two-Step RT-qPCR Analysis
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Roche - 480 Real-Time PCR System

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Roche - Carousel-Based System

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Roche - LightCycler Nano System

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Roche - LightCycler® 1536

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