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Micromeritics New ASAP 2020 HD Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry System Delivers Improved Isotherm Resolution and Accuracy

Micromeritics ASAP 2020 series gas adsorption systems remain the standard for determining surface area and porosity. With its continued commitment to offering the best in material characterization instrumentation, Micromeritics introduces the new ASAP 2020 HD which includes many features that offer improved isotherm resolution and accuracy. Current ASAP 2020 users can also benefit from these new capabilities by upgrading their instrument to the new HD standard.
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Features of ASAP 2020 HD
  • Improved isotherm resolution and accuracy
  • Wider pressure measurement capabilities
  • Current ASAP 2020 users can upgrade to the new HD standard
  • Largest library of adsorptive properties commercially available
  • Largest library of DFT/NLDFT models commercially available
  • Adsorption and desorption analysis using a wide variety of adsorptives
  • Determine microporosity and evaluate the hydrogen, methane or CO2 storage capacity of materials
  • Micropore size and volume can easily be obtained on MOFs, activated carbons, and zeolites
  • Chemisorption option has proprietary temperature control
  • Upgrade to allow the use of hydrocarbons or water vapor for sorption studies
General Specifications

There are no General Specifications available.

Additional Specifications

Range: 0 to 950 mmHg
1000-mmHg Transducer: 0.001 mmHg (Analysis system); 1 mmHg (Degas system)
10-mmHg Transducer: 0.00001 mmHg
Options for high stability:
1-mmHg Transducer: 0.000001 mmHg
0.1-mmHg Transducer: 0.0000001 mmHg
Accuracy (Analysis system only):
Includes nonlinearity, hysteresis, and nonrepeatability. Transducer manufacturer’s specifications.
1000-mmHg Range Within 0.15% of reading
10-mmHg Range Within 0.15% of reading
1-mmHg Range Within 0.12% of reading
0.1-mmHg Range Within 0.15% of reading

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