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Eksigent - nanoLC

Manufactured by Eksigent

nanoLC systems for speed, sensitivity, resolution, and reliability

Eksigent - expressLC 800

Manufactured by Eksigent

experiment with eight LC methods in parallel and expedite methods development

Eksigent - expressLC-ultra®

Manufactured by Eksigent

expressLC-ultra® system fast analysis with excellent reproducibility, while requiring only a small fraction of the solvent used by conventional system

Eksigent - ChromeXP

Manufactured by Eksigent

Tested and validated on the ExpressLC system, ChromXP columns ensure optimum separation and allow you to realize the full potential of your instrument

Eksigent - nanoLC-Ultra system

Manufactured by Eksigent

Introducing the NanoLC-Ultra family of high pressure HPLCs that delivers superior gradient precision at pressures up to 10,000 psi.

Eksigent - nanoLC™-MALDI

Manufactured by Eksigent

nanoLC™-MALDI spotting system featuring the ekspot™ spotter

Eksigent - ExpressHT™

Manufactured by Eksigent

Designed for high throughput bioanalysis with excellent reproducibility, while saving up to 95&#037 of the solvent.

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