GeneVac Equipment List

GeneVac - EZ-2 Series

Manufactured by GeneVac

The third generation of the EZ-2 Series is the pinnacle of parallel evaporation that draws on the expertise of Genevac...

GeneVac - HT-4X

Manufactured by GeneVac

Genevac's original HT-4 and the new HT-4X centrifugal vacuum evaporators.

GeneVac - HT-8 & HT-12

Manufactured by GeneVac

Genevac HT Series II systems.

GeneVac - Rocket Evaporator

Manufactured by GeneVac

Rocket Evaporator

GeneVac - HT Series 3

Manufactured by GeneVac

Genevac HT series evaporators are the ideal solution for parallel evaporation bottlenecks in high throughput and...

GeneVac - Rocket Synergy Evaporator

Manufactured by GeneVac

Rocket Evaporators use patented vacuum technology to evaporate solutions to dryness, or a concentrate, rapidly and...

GeneVac - Supercool 75

Manufactured by GeneVac

Super Cool Condenser Enhances Lyophilisation Results SuperCool high power -75°C condenser

GeneVac - SampleGenie 3

Manufactured by GeneVac

SampleGenie 3 technology used in conjunction with the Genevac ROCKET Evaporator enables large sample volumes to be dried directly into vials.

GeneVac - Rocket 4D

Manufactured by GeneVac

Rocket 4D is an automated evaporation system for large volumes of solvent.

GeneVac - miVac SpeedTrap

Manufactured by GeneVac

miVac SpeedTrap™ is a unique frost free cold trap.

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