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Asynt - PressureSyn

Manufactured by Asynt

The 125 ml PressureSyn reactors are certificated and rated to a maximum pressure of 100bar and temperature of 200C. The...

Asynt - ReactoMate Pilot

Manufactured by Asynt

Precise control of reaction variables, powerful direct drive over- head stirring and excellent reaction visibility even at sub ambient temperatures.

Asynt - DrySyn for pear shaped flasks

Manufactured by Asynt

Eliminate the need for transfers

Asynt - PTFE Components

Manufactured by Asynt

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) the ultimate high performance material for the construction of laboratory apparatus and equipment.

Asynt - DrySyn Vortex

Manufactured by Asynt

DrySyn Vortex Overhead Stirrer System

Asynt - Compact Lab Safety Shield

Manufactured by Asynt

Versatile new safety shield from Asynt

Asynt - DrySyn MAXI and SuperMAXI

Manufactured by Asynt

The DrySyn range of heating blocks enables clean, safe synthesis without the hazards or problems associated with...

Asynt - Lab-Bubble

Manufactured by Asynt

Chemically resistant enclosure with high visibility

Asynt - DrySyn Snowstorm

Manufactured by Asynt

The DrySyn Snowstorm offers an attractive solution to low temperature reaction chemistry. Purging the dome with...

Asynt - Black Screw Top Tubes

Manufactured by Asynt

Store your light sensitive materials safely

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