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Manufactured by Shiseido

CAPCELL CORE provides high-speed and improved separation in UHPLC as well as conventional HPLC.

Shiseido - PC HILIC

Manufactured by Shiseido

A silica-based HILIC column with phosphorylcholine (PC) group. PC HILIC shows excellent retention and separation of...

Shiseido - Chiral CD-Ph

Manufactured by Shiseido

The Chiral CD-Ph HPLC column is filled with optical-resolution packing material created from precisely classified...

Shiseido - Ceramospher

Manufactured by Shiseido

The Ceramospher HPLC column features optical-resolution packing material with high selectivity created from a novel...

Shiseido - CAPCELL PAK

Manufactured by Shiseido

CAPCELL PAK is an epoch-making HPLC column integrating the excellent separation performance of silica-based packing...

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