Electrothermal Equipment List

Electrothermal - MH8517 Paraffin Section Flotation Bath

Manufactured by Electrothermal

The NEW Paraffin Section Flotation Bath is designed to assist with the handling of paraffin wax samples in histology and pathology laboratories.

Electrothermal - CMUV Electromantles

Manufactured by Electrothermal

CMUV Electromantles: For large volume flask and funnels

Electrothermal - IA9100 Digital Melting Point Apparatus

Manufactured by Electrothermal

Offers an easy way to measure the melting points of samples without sacrificing accuracy; the temperature resolution is within 0.1°C.

Electrothermal - Electric Bunsen BA6101

Manufactured by Electrothermal

The Electric Bunsen combines the advantages of a regular gas burner with the clean easy operation of our Electromantles.

Electrothermal - Mini-Stirrer

Manufactured by Electrothermal

Although small and convenient, the mini-stirrer is still powerful enough to stir 1 litre of fluid at a top stirring speed of 2000rpm.

Electrothermal - Slow Speed Stirrers with Integral Control

Manufactured by Electrothermal

These stirrers feature sophisticated, electronically controlled magnetic drivers for precision stirring, which is reproducible to better than 1rpm.

Electrothermal - Large Volume and Multi-position Stirrers

Manufactured by Electrothermal

Electrothermal manufacture a wide range of stirrers including various multi position stirrers with up to 9 positions.

Electrothermal - CMU Series Uncontrolled Heating Mantles

Manufactured by Electrothermal

CMU heating mantles are used in wet chemistry to heat liquids in round bottom flasks.

Electrothermal - 1102D Mel-Temp

Manufactured by Electrothermal

Offers a quick and easy way to measure the melting points of samples at a budget price with a temperature resolution of ±1°C.

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