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CAPP - Bravo

Manufactured by CAPP

Manual pipetting has never been easier!


Manufactured by CAPP

Capp PCR Pipettes: The PCR line from Capp is comprised of pipettes tailored for use on PCR applications. The 0.2-2 ul,...

CAPP - Microbiology Pipettes

Manufactured by CAPP

Capp Microbiology Pipettes: Ideal for microbiology tests in the food industry, this pipette is supplied with three...

CAPP - Trio

Manufactured by CAPP

Capp Tri-Volume Pipettes: As the only pipette manufacturer that offers pipettes with detachable volume counters, Capp...

CAPP - Prime

Manufactured by CAPP

Capp Prime is CAPP's flagship pipette and it is intended to serve as a pinnacle and etalon of accuracy and precision in...

CAPP - ecopipette

Manufactured by CAPP

This pipette is built to last. Making no compromise on quality in product development, raw materials used and...

CAPP - CappAero Comfort

Manufactured by CAPP

70&#037 thumb workload reduction with CappAero Comfort

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