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Aline - ADEPT

Manufactured by Aline

ADEPT – ALine Development Platform

Aline - M2D2

Manufactured by Aline

ALine has developed a microfluidic chip, the M2D2, that Meters, Mixes, Debubbles, and Dispenses the mixture to a detection module.

Aline - SpecVette Short Path Length UV Transparent Cuvettes

Manufactured by Aline

Short-path low-volume precision cuvette for absorbance, the SpecVette offers an economical alternative to quartz cuvettes.

Aline - FluoroVette™ Ultra-low Volume Bio Micro Cuvette

Manufactured by Aline

Ultra-low Volume Bio Micro Cuvette for Fluorescence Detection

Aline - BioSAXS Small Angle X-Ray Scattering Cells

Manufactured by Aline

Custom Protein sample cell designed for Cornell researchers combines improved through put with ease of use.

Aline - MicroSlide For Cell Culture Analysis

Manufactured by Aline

The MicroSlide™ (patent pending) has three separate wells arranged on the microtiter spacing, two for sample and one for control.

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