Hanson Equipment List

Hanson - Chemical Fume Hood 3ft

Manufactured by Hanson

Hanson fume hoods are built with features that surpass industry standards in every respect

Hanson - Vision® G2 Classic 6™

Manufactured by Hanson

The Vision G2 Classic 6 is a compact, rugged workhorse ideal for manual testing. The Classic 6 is precision engineered...

Hanson - SR8

Manufactured by Hanson

With over 1,000 systems installed worldwide, the Hanson Research SR8-Plus Dissolution Test Station is a workhorse in the dissolution lab.

Hanson - SR2

Manufactured by Hanson

This Hanson SR2 tablet dissolution tester includes the bath, 6 paddles, 6 vessels, temperature control, speed control and SIP sampler.

Hanson - Vision® G2 Elite 8

Manufactured by Hanson

The Vision G2 Elite 8 is a modern successor to the popular Hanson SR8-Plus. The G2 Elite 8 is a versatile performance...

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