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Abcam - Multiplex immunoassays for flow cytometers

Manufactured by Abcam

Use Firefly® particle assays for greater freedom to select which cytokines to multiplex together and the convenience of...

Abcam - Multiplex Circulating miRNA Assay

Manufactured by Abcam

Profile miRNAs directly from just 10 Μl of crude biofluid or 0.1 ng of purified RNA.

Abcam - Multiplex Cellular miRNA Assay

Manufactured by Abcam

Profile up to 68 miRNAs per well in just four steps, without the need for reverse transcription, library preparation or amplification.

Abcam - SimpleStep ELISA Kits

Manufactured by Abcam

SimpleStepTM ELISA is a single wash colorimetric sandwich ELISA assay providing improved and differentiated performance characteristics.

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