Gyros AB Equipment List

Gyros AB - Gyrolab® xPand

Manufactured by Gyros AB

New Gyrolab® xPand combines the best of Gyrolab technology with software that makes setting up and running assays...

Gyros AB - Gyrolab ADA solution

Manufactured by Gyros AB

Gyrolab ADA solution provides several nanoliter-scale methods for ADA detection using Gyrolab CDs. Working at...

Gyros AB - Gyrolab™ Protein A Kit

Manufactured by Gyros AB

Easy-to-use kits require fewer manual steps, reducing hands-on time and risk for error.

Gyros AB - Gyrolab hulgG Kits

Manufactured by Gyros AB

Gyros has developed two kits to rapidly determine human intact IgG titers over broad concentration...

Gyros AB - Gyrolab CHO-HCP Kits 2 -5

Manufactured by Gyros AB

Developing immunoassays to monitor HCP impurities faces many challenges. Typically, hundreds of different HCPs are...

Gyros AB - Gyrolab xPlore

Manufactured by Gyros AB

Gyrolab xPlore single-CD system gives your team the agility to develop assays more quickly and increase data quality.

Gyros AB - Gyrolab™ CHO-HCP Kit 1

Manufactured by Gyros AB

Consistent, sensitive determination of CHO-HCP impurities in downstream bioprocessing samples

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