PetLift Equipment List

PetLift - All Stainless Economy Wet Table

Manufactured by PetLift

Fabricated of 16 gauge 304 stainless steel. 6" deep, 24" wide, 60" long with a 16" long overhang knee space. Includes...

PetLift - Bi-Level All Stainless Wet Table

Manufactured by PetLift

Bi-level all stainless wet table. fabricated of 18 guage 304 stainless steel. 6" deep at the knee space, and 15" deep...

PetLift - Shor-line Tub Table with Laminate Cabinet

Manufactured by PetLift

    Optional solid stainless steel and laminate exam tops available in both 60" and 46" lengths....

PetLift - Island Service Tower

Manufactured by PetLift

Island Service Towers are constructed of 3/4" moisture resistant plywood fully covered with high pressure laminate....

PetLift - Omni Classic

Manufactured by PetLift

This Classic design features heavy-duty cabinet with 22" x 44" stainless steel top with raised anti-drip edges, and...

PetLift - Bi-Level Wet Table With Cabinet

Manufactured by PetLift

Heavy duty 16 gauge stainless steel tub is 15" deep at the bathing end and 6" deep for procedures. Three large full...

PetLift - Wet Table With Cabinet

Manufactured by PetLift

This multi-purpose table features an 18 gauge stainless steel sink with recessed prep-rack and choice of cabinet...

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