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Manufactured by SHEL LAB

Ideal for Clinical, Analytical, and General Laboratory Applications SCO large capacity CO2 incubators provide the...

SHEL LAB - SHEL LAB CO2 Incubator, Water Jacket, 6 CU FT, 115V

Manufactured by SHEL LAB

Model SCO6WE is our basic water-jacketed CO2 incubator and is ideal for laboratories with tight budgets. It provides ...

SHEL LAB - DIURNAL (Day/Night) INCUBATOR, 20.3 CU FT, 0c to +45c (at +20c ambient), DOOR LIGHTS, 115V

Manufactured by SHEL LAB

SHEL LAB Diurnal growth chambers are designed for studies requiring day and nighttime simulation. This unit features...

SHEL LAB - SHEL LAB Thermoelectric Cooled Incubator, Peltier Cooling 19.3 Cu.Ft. (300 Bottle) Capacity 115v

Manufactured by SHEL LAB

Model SRI20P B.O.D. Thermoelectric Cooled Incubator, 19.3 Cu.Ft. (300 Bottle) Capacity. Using innovative thermoelectric...

SHEL LAB - 1013

Manufactured by SHEL LAB

SHEL LAB 1013 Hybridization Oven 120V

SHEL LAB - SMO5CR-2 Cleanroom Oven

Manufactured by SHEL LAB

SHEL LAB Cleanroom Oven Model SMO5CR-2, 3.9 Cu.Ft. (110 L) 220V

SHEL LAB - Digital Water Bath

Manufactured by SHEL LAB

SWB15 SHEL LAB Digital Water Bath, 15 Liter Capacity

SHEL LAB - 2406/2

Manufactured by SHEL LAB

2406/2 SHEL LAB Basic CO2 Water Jacketed Incubator, Dual Stacked, Infrared (IR) Sensor, 6.7 Cu.Ft. Per Chamber 120V

SHEL LAB - SHEL LAB Clean Room Oven,5 CU FT, 230V

Manufactured by SHEL LAB

The SHEL LAB clean air oven incorporates all the special features needed for high temperature cleanroom work: an all...

SHEL LAB - Humidity Cabinet, 28 Cu.Ft. 230v

Manufactured by SHEL LAB

Microprocessor controls maintain temperature and humidity in approximate ranges of 40DegreeC-70DegreeC and...

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