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Manufactured by JEOL

In addition to the high image quality observation due to the improvement of the illuminating system, the vacuum sy...

JEOL - JSM-7800F

Manufactured by JEOL

Thermal Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

JEOL - JMS-S3000 SpiralTOF™

Manufactured by JEOL

MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer Incorporating a New Spiral TOF Ion Optic System Capable of High Resolution Mass Analysis over a Wide Molecular Weight Rang

JEOL - BioMajesty™ JCA-6010/C

Manufactured by JEOL

       Photometry 800T/H   1,200T/H with ISE   1,200 tests/hour thro...

JEOL - BioMajesty™ JCA-BM 2250

Manufactured by JEOL

    Photometry 1,800T/H 2,400T/H with ISE Automation Ready:

JEOL - JSM-7100F

Manufactured by JEOL

Thermal field emission electron microscope

JEOL - JCM-6000 NeoScope

Manufactured by JEOL

A desktop scanning electron microscope


Manufactured by JEOL

The ECA series of NMR spectrometers is a high performance, research grade NMR system configurable to a wide range of...

JEOL - JXA-840

Manufactured by JEOL

JSM-840 examines structure by bombarding the specimen with a scanning beam of electrons and then collecting slow moving secondary electrons.


Manufactured by JEOL

The JSM-IT300LV is the latest addition to JEOL's popular series of tungsten/LaB6 low vacuum SEMs.

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