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Baker - EdgeGARD VF Vertical-Flow Recirculating Clean Bench

Manufactured by Baker

Clean benches designed with you in mind.

Baker - EdgeGARD Clean Benches

Manufactured by Baker

EdgeGARD® is a horizontal laminar flow clean bench which provides a HEPA filtered airflow across the work area, a...

Baker - EdgeGard HF Horizontal Laminar Flow Bench

Manufactured by Baker

Designed for a variety of applications involving agents of low risk. Applications include sterile product preparation and sterile drug compounding.

Baker - BioChemGARD e3

Manufactured by Baker

Performing to a higher standard so you can do the same.

Baker - BioPROtect series

Manufactured by Baker

Class II Style Walk-In Clean Air and Containment Enclosures.

Baker - SterilGard II SG-400

Manufactured by Baker

This Baker SterilGard II SG400 laminar flow hood is a class II, type A

Baker - NCB-D

Manufactured by Baker

The Baker Company NCB-D® Class II, Type B1 Biological Safety Cabinet meets or exceeds specifications for the NCI-1...

Baker - SterilchemGARD

Manufactured by Baker

SterilchemGARD III Advance° offers 100% total exhaust with integrated HEPA supply and exhaust filters to set the...

Baker - Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

Manufactured by Baker

Ultra-low freezers provide storage temperatures down to -86ºC.

Baker - SG-600

Manufactured by Baker

Baker SG-600 Sterilgard Biological Safety Cabinet

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