Glas-Col Equipment List

Glas-Col - Combo Heating Mantles

Manufactured by Glas-Col

Glas-Col's combination mantles have always been the mantles of choice for repetitive extracting, refluxing, and...

Glas-Col - Nitrogen Evaporator

Manufactured by Glas-Col

Low cost solution for the concentration of 96 well extractions and reactions Each SS Needle deli...

Glas-Col - Test Tube Rack Head

Manufactured by Glas-Col

Holds a complete rack of stoppered test tubes for rotating end-over-end. Does double duty as a holder for bottles,...

Glas-Col - Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrer

Manufactured by Glas-Col

Hot Plates, Magnetic Stirrers, and Hot Plate / Magnetic Stirrers

Glas-Col - EGG PUNCH

Manufactured by Glas-Col

Glas-Col's hand-held pneumatic egg punch produces a clean, circular fracture in embryonated chicken eggs. The lab...

Glas-Col - Polarimeter

Manufactured by Glas-Col

Glas-Col offers a basic Polarimeter instrument for measuring the polarization of light; for determining the effect of a...

Glas-Col - 12 Channel Data Logger

Manufactured by Glas-Col

12 Channel T/C Monitor>The New desktop data logger is a 12 channel thermocouple instrument wit...

Glas-Col - ZipVap4

Manufactured by Glas-Col

This evaporator can accomodate four 96-well plates at once and is ideal for high throughput labs. This is our most...

Glas-Col - FlexiVap Non Heated Analytical Evaporator

Manufactured by Glas-Col

If your laboratory conducts research in any of the following areas, environmental organic analysis, organic analytical...

Glas-Col - Modular Mixer

Manufactured by Glas-Col

Modular Mixer incorporate front panel user-interface for setting of speed, time, (2) contact closure speed settings and...

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