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ESPEC - SH Series Benchtop Chambers

Manufactured by ESPEC

Premium features for the ultimate in testing flexibility.

ESPEC - Thermal Shock Chamber

Manufactured by ESPEC

ESPEC developed the TSD-100 with an interior of 28"x16", while strictly limiting the overall size of the system.

ESPEC - Criterion Series

Manufactured by ESPEC

Adding to our popular Criterion benchtop series, ESPEC introduces the BTL-433 humidity chamber with the same quality features & capabiliti.

ESPEC - Temp/Humidity LHU-113 Chamber

Manufactured by ESPEC

"The ESPEC Lab Series environmental chambers are compact and reliable, suitable for a wide variety of applications....

ESPEC - Platinous Test Chambers

Manufactured by ESPEC

In ESPEC Platinous series chambers, you’ll find advanced design solutions that ensure quality: proportional...

ESPEC - Mechanical HALT

Manufactured by ESPEC


ESPEC - Class 100 Clean Ovens

Manufactured by ESPEC

Includes a HEPA filter to maintain cleanliness

ESPEC - Safety Ovens

Manufactured by ESPEC

Includes explosion vent

ESPEC - Rotating Rack Ovens

Manufactured by ESPEC

200°C models include a viewing window

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