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Microplate Technology

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Analytical Technologies Group

Connecticut, United States

ATG provides repair, maintenance, and contract services for laboratory research and bioprocess instruments. We specialize in the full suite of GE Healthcare/Cytiva AKTA" FPLC systems, Molecular Devices SpectraMax" microplate readers, BioTek/Agilent microplate washers, YMC (formerly LEWA) Process Technologies systems, YMC (formerly ChromaCon) Contichrom® instruments, and other niche laboratory equipment lines. We also buy, refurbish, and resell used lab equipment. Our customer base includes large multinational pharmaceutical companies, cutting edge biotech firms, preeminent research Universities, and US government research institutions.

Black Dog Technical Services

North Carolina, United States

Black Dog (North Carolina) provides repair, maintenance and full service contracts for FLIPR® fluorescence readers, FLIPR Tetra® high-throughput cellular assay screening systems and EMBLA® cell washers.

BMG Labtech

BAW, Germany

Contracts available for purchase to cover potential service needs. This service can be performed either onsite or you can ship your plate reader to us for depot service. All service is performed by our highly trained and experienced technical support staff. ***NOTE: Service options / pricing varies from country to country. Contact us for more information.**

Certified GeneTool, Inc.

CA, United States

Provides certified, refurbished biotech instruments. Every instrument has been inspected, calibrated and certified before it is rolled out the door. We also offer installation and service support for selected instruments.

Conquer Scientific

California, United States

Specializes in ion chromatographs, gas chromatographs, liquid chromatographs, mass spectrometers, and microplate readers, but carry a wide variety of other lab instruments as well. Located in San Diego, CA, we serve the international community.

Eastman Consulting International, Inc.

CO, United States

Repair and Calibration of Microplate Readers and other equipment.

General Scientific Instrument Services Inc. (ON)

Ontario, Canada

Refurbished Used Equipment, Glassware, Consumables.

Isocount UK Limited

United Kingdom

UK Wide service, calibration and repair of: Microplate Readers, scintillation counters, gamma counters, IR/FT-IR/UV Spectrophotometers. We offer service contracts, breakdown cover and ad-hoc repairs for Perkin Elmer, Packard and Wallac equipment and many


New Hampshire, United States

Service and sale of Liquid handling instruments, fixed tips, pipette tips, service contracts, CNC milling, 3D modeling and software training and integration for the liquid handling community.

Phytronix Technologies inc.

Quebec, Canada

Phytronix (Ontario and Quebec) offers comprehensive repair and maintenance services for all of your laboratory instruments. Our team has in-depth knowledge and technical expertise to perform all analytical instrument repairs with a fast on-site response time and at a competitive price.

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