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Slag processing equipment/slag flour mill

Slag can be collectively known as three big industrial waste residue, grinding mill high steel slag or thought tailings can be called a slag, water slag slag is also a part of environmental wind, its reuse the space also is great, small manufacturers to production requirement can choose commonly used Raymond mill, high pressure mill, micro powder mill, ultrafine grinder, etc., more can choose flour production equipment of ball mill. GGBS is a new type of green environmental protection product, not only can effective utilization of blast furnace smelting slag, waste, but also to reduce slag covering, reduce the pollution of the environment play a role.Slag powder has become the production high quality cement, configuration, high performance, large volume, long service life of concrete is one of the preferred material.Of concrete mixed with slag powder has low hydration heat, corrosion resistance, good liquidity, the late strength is high, the miniature, improve the concrete interface bond properties etc, by the national ministry of construction as the construction industry one of the ten new technology.So what grinding GGBS the use mechanism for? In general can be a lot of flour mill processing slag, since slag itself hardness is not high, the requirement to the mill is the key to fineness and production, such as commonly used Raymond mill, my company has high pressure mill, etc., can be processed.Slag after milling machining processing, can be used as roadbed gravel or concrete aggregate and so on, the processed water residue, high temperature molten slag flushing liquid quenching or bubble is formed after quenching light small pulp are of a certain activity, can be used as cement mixed material, both to increase the output of the cement, reduce the cost, and improve the soundness of cement;Can also be used to produce cement clinker, wet grinding slag concrete, slag brick and aerated concrete hot splashing slag gravel, used as road material and concrete aggregate;After processing can be made into porous artificial pumice as light aggregate concrete, mineral wool insulation, sound-absorbing and fire prevention, corrosion resistance of the slag casting moulds with high intensity, wear-resisting stoneware and has many properties and USES of microcrystalline glass products, etc. http://www.mill-crushers.com/
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