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Mettler AE163 switch

Is a replacement switch for a Mettler AE163 available anywhere? The balance has power, but the switch is unresponsive.

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As service parts, I highly doubt it.    There's a pair of round single pin connectors on the back. Briefly short the black and red with a paper clip and verify that it works just like the on button.    If it works, you'll just need a tethered push button that closes when pushed in and opens when released. You'll find the ability to tare without touching the balance pretty useful.


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Here is the response from our METTLER TOLEDO Technical Support Group:  Due to the age of this model (taken out of production in 1986) we can no longer get the replacement switch.  I can only suggest that you search the web to see if anyone is selling an AE Model used that could be used for parts.  Sorry!

I hope this was somewhat helpful.



Jennifer Burkman
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Ram Uritski

I have a similar problem. While looking for a possible solution I came across the IES corporation (http://www.iescorp.com/ae.htm). They offer a circuit board rebuild for Mettler AE balances.

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Hi Lynn,

We maintain a rather large inventory of parts for all makes and models of balances (old and new models). We may be able to assist you. If you still need to repair this unit, please feel free to contact us.



-- Jonathan DeMeis

Niagara Scientific Products/Precision Scale & Balance

140 Rotech Dr. Lancaster, NY 14086



skype: jondemeis  
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