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not desplaying results

Our TCH600 is not dessplaying results. my sample melts but no results for all three gases, i've tried restarting the machine but still nothing coming out

thank you


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KWittlieffReply by

Hello Atom, I have to guess the TCH600 is passing all common diagnostics, and you describe the sample seems to burn properly. 

My thought is the method or method calibration has become compromised.  Are the elements giving us a plot in the lower portion of the screen?   Or if we were to Display the Element area values  (Configuration – Display, move Oxygen Area, Nitrogen Area & Hydrogen Area to the Visible Fields).  Are these area values comparable to when the instrument was working?

If so the easiest fix will to simply recalibrate.

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LECO CorporationReply by
LECO Corporation

Hi Atom,

We would suggest checking the following:

• Change all non-heated reagents (LecoSorb & Anhydrone)

• Change both Heated catalysts (copper sticks for incoming & copper oxide wire for measure side) See pictures below...

• Leak check.

• Check TC cell exhaust flow from back of instrument, should read about 480cc/m

• Check CO, CO2 H&L and H2O cell voltages, they should be between 1.0 and 4.8 volts.

• Bad calibration, create new calibration after reagent and heated catalyst change.

• Corrupted database.

If you still have issues, please call Tech Support at 269-982-5497, and we would be happy to help.


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