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Spare weighing pan and surround?

Dear Sirs,

I realise the AE 163 is out of production, but I have obtained an old model which is missing its weithing pan and the surround.

When I power up the display shows an d after a few seconds it seems to switch itself off. If I wait a minute or more all the eight dots come up again, but as before it shuts down. It does not respong tp any input from the single bar control on the front. I can feel that the top of the case near the back becomes slightly warm to the touch but not 'hot' and does not smell overheated.

I'm wondering if the missing weight of the pan is preventing it from completing initial self-test. Would it still be possible to find spare parts?

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I apologize for my delay, I was out of the office last week.  From our Technical Support team: 

With or without the weighing pan the balance shouldn't turn off on its own.  Given the age of this model my best guess is the power supply is failing and isn't able to provide the necessary current and voltage to sustain balance operation. 

Let me know if you have any other questions.



Jennifer Burkman
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Hi Bob,

Were you ever able to resolve the issue(s) with this unit, or do you still need parts for it? Let me know, I may be able to assist.



-- Jonathan DeMeis

Niagara Scientific Products/Precision Scale & Balance

140 Rotech Dr. Lancaster, NY 14086



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Hi Jonathan,

  No, I wasn't able to find spare parts, also to trace the possible fault in the power supply. When I power up the balance I get all the 8's for a couple of seconds then the display goes blank for a minute or more, and the 8's come back up, but as before the display goes blank again. I was thinking of using an alternative power supply, but haven't managed to find a suitable item. I'm not sure it's worth carrying on but if you have any suggestions I'd be glad to hear them. At the moment I'm scraping by with a Chinese analytical balance but it only reads to the milligram, not 0.00001g   Kind Regards,   Bob.

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