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Berthold lumat LB 9507

I have the alert mYCOALERT with luciferase assayfirefly substrate(kitPromega E1910). What does it mean?

I have test the linearity of the measure :

sample undiluted : 1479481 dil 1/2 :802400 dil 1/4 351486

dil 1/8 156044 1/16 88622. Are they good values. Please could you betweengive me the range of measure of this instrument ( measuring range).If the measure is too high, with what can I dilute the sample?

Yours faithfully

josiane Denis

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Bernd HutterReply by
Bernd Hutter

Hi Josiane,

what you did is ideal to judge the linearity and the dynamic range. plotting your data gives an R² of 0.9966 which is perfect. Your samples are all within the range of the instruments



Bernd Hutter  
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