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Agilent Technologies Introduces Next-Generation UHPLC Autosampler

Agilent Technologies Inc.  introduced a new ultra-high performance liquid chromatography autosampler, building on the company’s industry-leading 1290 Infinity LC system. The new 1290 Infinity Multisampler provides newly optimized, scalable throughput capacity that can process several thousand samples, all within the standard Agilent LC-stack-footprint to minimize required lab space.

 “The new 1290 Infinity Multisampler provides unmatched flexibility and scalability to support the complex needs of customers and applications,” said Stefan Schuette, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Liquid Phase Separations Division. “Setting a new benchmark in sample logistics—be it in capacity, speed or performance—this new autosampler offers the shortest injection cycle time possible, lowest carryover, and best-in-class cooling performance.”

Other new features of the 1290 Infinity Multisampler include a dual-needle injector set-up that enables optimal injection speed, as well as unparalleled flexibility for injections, all within a single instrument. New software features improve workflow efficiency and enable easy data-entry of large sample sets. The product will be unveiled at the HPLC-2014 conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, this week. Shipment of new orders is scheduled within a few months


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