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GOW-MAC Introduces Series 8100 Gas Chromatograph

GOW-MAC Instrument Co. introduces their new programmable, microprocessor controlled gas chromatograph, the Series 8100. The instrument’s broad, flexible platform allows for custom, application-specific system configurations for research, industrial, laboratory, academic, and QA/QC environments.  
An industrial computer provides the intelligence for the Series 8100.  Navigation through program menus is accomplished using a menu driven, high resolution LCD resistive touchscreen and keypad. The Series 8100 accommodates up to two independently controlled detectors that can be operated either individually, in series, or in parallel depending on the ordered configuration. Detectors currently available include thermal conductivity (TCD) and flame ionization (FID). 
Features of the instrument include:  an ambient plus 5 °C to 450 °C operating temperature; independently programmed and controlled temperatures at multiple locations —injection ports, detectors, and column oven; column oven accommodates up to five columns, packed, wide-bore capillary, or capillary; a column oven temperature programming rate of 0.1 °C to 40 °C /min. in 1 °C increments; an oven cooling rate of  350 °C to 75 °C in five minutes; method storage includes 3 internal with an infinite number externally;  manual differential flow controllers or pressure regulators (detector dependent); and direct on-column (direct packed/capillary or split/splitless) or gas sample valve injection methods;  and a full array of optional output capabilities, i.e., analog — VDC [0-1 V, 0-1 mV, 0-10 V] or digital — RS-232, USB, and Ethernet utilizing MODBUS & PROFINET (read only) communication protocols.
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