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IEC Centra MP4R error 003

I have an IEC Centra MP4R centrifuge.  No user's manual.  Went to use it yesterday.  It started running, then gave error 003, the electronic keypad is not responsive.  Unplugging and plugging back in, same thing happens.  Can't open the latch to get my culture out.  Is there a manual release somewhere?  Or any ideas on how to clear the error?  My main concern is that something may have shorted out.  Thanks for any and all help!

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Sarah T

Manual can be found at the link below:


Page 16 for error codes and gives the following for error 003:

Error 003: Runaway
During stopping, rotor has not been decelerating for 8
seconds, or when at standby, rotor speed exceeds
600 RPM. The rotor coasts to a stop.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be something you can fix yourself.

The instruction below is how to open the centrifuge manually:

5.2 Cover Interlock Bypass
If power fails, the cover remains locked. If you need to remove samples from
the unit before power is restored, use the cover interlock bypass after the
rotor has come to a stop.
Unplug the centrifuge. Locate a hidden plug just below the front panel. Use
a screwdriver to remove this plug. Pull the attached cord to release the cover
interlock. Reassemble the plug in the hole.
Do not perform this operation routinely. The centrifuge’s cover interlock
provides operator safety and allows the cover to be opened promptly
whenever rotation has stopped

Hope you manage to open the cover and retrieve your culture.

Sarah Talbot BSc MSc MRSC

Method development and laboratory equipment sourcing specialist  
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Thank you so much for the information.  I did find the plug last week and got the unit open.  We'll most likely be looking into getting a new one.

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