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New Multilayer Flask Enhances Cell Culture Production

Porvair Sciences has announced a new 5-layer cell culture flask developed to fulfil the need of the growing number of applications that require large numbers of cells. 
While single layer flasks are well proven for small-scale cell culture scale up, their use can become laborious and time-consuming when large numbers of cells are required. Offering a sterile growth area of 870cm2 in a compact footprint - Porvair's new 5-layer cell culture flask offers a high performance solution to this application need.
Porvair cell culture flasks combine the unrivalled optical purity of high-pressure moulded 100% USP Class VI virgin crystal polystyrene with a patented low-pressure gas plasma surface treatment that allows cells to adhere more efficiently to the surface by reducing its hydrophobicity. Highly polished moulds and rigorous quality control ensure that you get perfect visualisation every time.
The new 5-layer cell culture flasks provide easy pipette access for direct addition of reagents and cells as well as efficient recovery of valuable cells and reagents thereby reducing the risk of contamination due to pouring. 
Porvair cell culture flasks are made to the highest international standards for material quality, surface optical polish, tissue culture treatment, sterility and pack integrity. All products are certified to be free from DNase/RNase and Pyrogen contamination. Investment in UK based laboratory testing ensures that you receive consistently high quality products.
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