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How to sell Fume Hoods?

I have five hoods to sell for a customer and I honestly don't know the first step. The second step would be easier. They are well used. Are they for different purposes? I can find these hoods online, but grading then for pricing is difficult. I have an entire lab to sell this way. When you stop laughing I really would appreciate any advice.

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Our LabX.com website (classifieds and auctions for used lab equipment) has historical archives which you can access. The archives may give you an idea in regards to pricing for these hoods and other lab products you may have to sell.  You may also consider selling your used products on LabX with a “Make an Offer” headline.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Kylie Sauve
LabWrench Site Manager

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We are looking for a hood for our Microbiology Lab.  Can you send me some information about the hoods you have available.  Perhaps you have something we could use. 

Thank you
Robin Johnson
Molecular/Serology Supervisor
Vista Clinical Diagnostics

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