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Where to buy second-hand products of Knauer?


We are in Germany and interested in the following products:

1. Knauer Smartline system Analytical HPG configuration with fiber optics detector- SYSS002

2. Knauer Smartline system Analytical LPG configuration with UV detection (system proposal)- SYSS003

However, the prices of new products are quite high for us and we prefer to buy second-hands. Indeed, we cannot find any of Knauer´s second-hand products (especially these two types) on any website. Could you please be so kind and help us by telling where/how can we find their second-hand products?

Also please note that we don´t have boundary for location and can buy it from any country (but Middle East is most preferred)

Patiently looking forward your reply,
Thank you

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I have provided you with a link below that will take you to the online request a quote form for the Knauer Smartline HPLC. You can request quotes on NEW or USED products. Please fill in the required information and we will have your request sent out as soon as possible.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

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