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New Electromechanical Testers by Shimadzu Allow Better Control and Precision for a Broad Range of Material Testing

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has introduced four universal testers that offer high-level control, tight precision and intuitive operation for a wide variety of material testing. The 20kN and 50kN table-top types, and the 100kN and 300kN floor types extend Shimadzu’s Autograph AGS-X series. The new testers come standard with Shimadzu’s TRAPEXIUM X or TRAPEXIUM LITE X software to gather and display data for users in real time.   

The enhanced features of the Autograph AGS-X series testers allow for easier and more efficient testing:

Load cells with test force accuracy within ±0.5% over the range 1/1 to 1/500 of the maximum capacity
1 kHz sampling rate ensures no missed strength changes
One-touch crosshead stroke limiters for simple adjustment and firm locking
Faster crosshead achieves a 1,600 mm/min testing speed and a 2,200 mm/min return speed (20kN frame) to save time with repetitive testing
Built-in multi-purpose tray for placing jigs, arranging specimens, and taking notes
Common joint for both tensile and compression makes it easier to exchange jigs
Adjustable main operation panel for conveniently developing and storing conditions and performing tests without having to be connected to a PC
An expansive selection of grips, compression plates, jigs, extensometers, and other accessories allow configurations to be tailored to almost any application. Comprehensive safety functions, including stroke limit switches, emergency-stop buttons, and safety covers, ensure a safe operating  environment.

The Autograph AGS-X testers come standard with Shimadzu’s TRAPEZIUM X materials testing operation software, which quickly obtains and displays testing data in real time. The software allows methods following ASTM, ISO, and JIS standards to be created effortlessly; in addition, tensile, compression, cycle, creep and texture profile example methods are included as standard.

An integrated display panel allows TRAPEZIUM X users to perform multiple critical functions from one main window, including confirming testing conditions, monitoring real-time data, entering speed, dimension and report information, performing re-tests and extra lot tests, and altering settings before and after tests. For security and management, up to eight user accounts with differing levels of access can be established while an innovative web-based re-analysis function enables Trapezium X to be accessed from remote locations. Additionally, users can create detailed, customizable reports that include data, charts, photographs and logos.  

An entry-level version of the software called TRAPEZIUM LITE X is also available for users who only need to perform general single-direction testing.


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