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Hewlett Packard 7673 Injector


I have a HP 7673 injector on top of my HP 5890 series II GC,  Everytime i run the 7673 it goes through all the procedures it should before injecting perfectly, but then when it comes time to inject it makes the injection motion and misses the injection port and bends the needle.  When i manually force the 7673 to inject it goes into the port with out a problem.  Why is it bending the needles only when it automatically does it, and not when i manually force it to go in.




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It sounds like the autosampelr bracket that supports the two is not properly aligned with the injection port.  If the bracket was removed or the screws securing it were loosened it would need adjustment.  All of the A/S were factory shipped with a small white circular alignment block.  It fits securely over the septum nut and into the hole in the bracket.  The screw must first be loosened and then the block placed over th inlet.  You then tighten the screws.  That is all that needs to be done.



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