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Does anyone out there have a service manual for a Beckman J2-21. Cannot seem to find one anywhere! Thanks

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There is a very good reason that you can not find the service manual for this centrifuge.  The J2-21 was obsoleted around 20 years ago, there is some parts for it that are no longer availability, at least thru Beckman and the sale of service manuals from Beckman is relegated to the whim of the local service managers.  In addition, anything you may actually be able to get possession of will probably be an original version that does not reflect all of the very significant updates that were made to the J2 series centrifuges.  Not even I, who retired from Beckman 18 months ago have access to a service manual anymore.  So, having said all of that, what is the problem you have so that I can see if I assist you with whatever issues you may be having at this time.  Otherwise, I wish you luck in actually finding a service manual.

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