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Lamp Replacement


Could someone please provide information regarding:

1. Replacement lamp (type, brand, wattage, etc)?

2. Directions on how to replace the lamp?

3. Average life (in hours?) for a lamp?

Thank you.

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I have used a Beckman DU-64 which may be similar (the DU-650 I use now uses the same lamp as the DU-64).

Visual Lamp: Tungsten - Halogen Lamp 20W,  12V (873947) (Beckman PN)  

I think life is 2000hr.

Most people seem to use the Osram lamp, rather than the very expensive Beckman. I bought both (now having a Beckman PN of 514259) and got the same Osram lamp (64258) I bought elsewhere. I have been told that the reason the Beckmans are expensive is they measure the filament position of each lamp (while still sealed in the plastic bubble pack apparently)

Halogen Lamp; used for 325nm to 900nm range

64258 HLX is 20W/ 12V G4 T3 lamp , S90 burn position (vert or 90 from vert)

fil length; 3.5mm

Light centre length  19.5mm

length 30mm

diam 9mm

350 lm

Illum field;3.5*0.8mm sq

Fil Diam  0.8mm



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Let's clear a few things up about lamps. The UV lamp for the DU600 series spec's is not the same as the DU64 as it is a prealigned lamp that is potted into the lamp assembly so it can only be used in the DU600 and DU800 spec's because the optical bench is the same in both instruments.

The visible lamp is not checked inside the plastic bubble pack that it is shipped in. Osram has a special arrangement with Beckman about the visible lamps that Beckman sells. In addition to the checks for the position of the filaments, there is also a difference in that the bulbs DO NOT have a coating on them that limits the UV energy that the bulbs throw off. Commercially available halogen bulbs must have this protective coating to be sold in the retail environment. There have been many cases where individuals try to use the commercially available bulbs and find that the spec does not perform as expected and the visible lamp is the reason why. One of my former colleagues tried to go that route and I had to bail him out on several occasions because the spec just had such over all poor performance in the visible range.

All Beckman lamps are warranted for 1000 hours of operation, although keeping track of lamp hours is problematic at best depending on the spec so having a good relationship with your local Beckman engineer is a good idea, not to mention having a log book for keeping track of hours of operation.


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