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One of the many key features of Vapourtec’s recently launched UV-150 Photochemical Reactor is the patented Dichroic Mirror that allows for better temperature control during continuous process photochemistry experiments.

The mirror’s reflective coating allows for the efficient absorption and despatch of heat in terms of infrared wavelengths whilst reflecting ultraviolet wavelengths back into the reaction.

Andrew Mansfield of Vapourtec explained: “The UV-150 is already making its mark in the field of photochemistry with both academic groups and the pharmaceutical industry finding that it delivers levels of control, scalability and consistency that was previously unavailable.

“An important part of that control comes as a result of the Dichroic Mirror incorporated within the UV-150. The inner surface of the casing is substantially reflective to ultraviolet radiation and substantially absorptive of visible and infrared radiation.

“The coating is capable of reflecting over 90% of the energy within a 200-450 nm wavelength range and absorbing over 90% of energy for wavelengths of 500-2000 nm.

“The UV-150, together with the Dichroic Mirror, allows research groups to expand their capability in terms of the range and scope of reactions and gives chemists the opportunity to increase chemical space,” added Andrew.


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