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Excellims Introduced MA3100: HPIMS add-on for mass spectrometers at ASMS 2014

Excellims unveils the MA3100 - the latest development in high performance ion mobility spectrometers for integration with Thermo OrbitrapTM mass spectrometers. This exciting new front end analyzer for MS instruments provides additional separation by an orthogonal mechanism, and allows the user to remove or include specific ions in the MS analyzer in order to reduce complexity and achieve targeted analysis.
The MA3100 mounts on the front of Orbitrap systems in a manner that requires no hardware modifications or break in vacuum; it can be added or removed in minutes. The system includes integrated software control for select Orbitrap models for easy data collection, and four modes of operation that give the user freedom in experimental design. Whether you are looking to filter contaminants out of a mass spectrum, target specific ions at low levels, enhance MS fragmentation, or isolate and examine conformational states, the MA3100 adds capability to your analysis.
The MA3100 joins Excellims' line of high performance IMS instruments, which includes the GA2100 for rapid on-site analysis by HPIMS, and the IA3100 as a detector for HPLC providing two-dimensional separation of complex samples. 


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