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Corrosion on ICP system

Just wonder if anyone facing similar issue of system corrosion on Perkin Elmer ICPsystem. We uses acids such as aqua regia and HF for our dissolution process on our samples but this solution are later dissolved into low concentration before we inject the sample into the machine.  Lately our unit was not able to ignite the plasma and found out that the osscilator is the cost of the issue.  No corrosion was found on the whole modue but a replacement was carried out on the module.  My question is that, is the manufacturer normal practise to service teh equipment is by replacing the whole module and not repair the parts that is damage? Replacing the module easily cost US$10k and it is really wasteful that we may be throwing away good parts.  I really need advise as the service engineer over at my region stated that this is the common practise by all instruments suppliers. I hope those who has encounter similar issue could advise me.

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