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Syringues for organic solvents

In our lab we use normal pipettes (50 to 1000 µL) to transfer volumes of organix solvents as isooctane, toluene, MeOH or ACN.

Due to superficial tension and due to the fact that calibration of this equipment is made with water, we sholdn't use these kind of pippetes and, in a audit of ISO 17025, theaudit team said that we MUST use syringues to measure these solvents. What is the best solution for us?

My e-mail: paulofernandes.sra@gov-madeira.pt

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Paulo F
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Hi Paulo,

For this question I asked the Rainin tech support at tech.support@rainin.com.  Here is what they told me: 

For organic solvents we recommend using a positive displacement pipette technology. We have two main product options.

  1. PosD pipettes. Product codes MR-50. MR-100, MR-250, MR-1000. These are single channel pipettes that use a syringe technology in the tip called a capillary and piston. They are good for individual dispensing of organic solvents.
  2. AutoRep pipettes. These are repeater pipettes using a syringe technology as the tip. They are good for multiple dispensing of organic solvent aliquots. The electronic version of the autorep allows greater flexibility in setting aliquot volumes.


Hope this helps. 


Jennifer Burkman
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