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Axopatch overload


My axopatch 200B is registering an overload as soon as the pipette is put into the bath. Normally this means a grounding issue however I have removed all non-essential equipment from the rig and have ensured everything remaining is all grounded into the back of the axopatch itself and the overload is still present. It is not present in Current clamp mode. 

I have tested the axopatch according to the axon guide book and it is behaving normally which indicates to me there is not an issue with the amplifer itself, however I can see no issues with grounding that could be causing this problem so I am hoping you have some suggestions as to what could be the cause of the overload. 


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hi, i know this is a long shot since you posted this a long time ago but i’m desperate. i also ran into this problem this week and in case you might still see this i wanted to ask how you fixed this/ if you have any tips? thanks
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Hi, had to make a new account as its been a while, sorry to hear you are having issues. In my case, although it was a long time ago, I believe it was an unseen wire attached to the air table itself that was causing a grounding loop/static build up causing the overload. I would suggest stripping back the rig to its bare essentials, turning everything on the axopatch to zero (pipette offset, capacitance etc) and starting again from there. If there is no overload then you can slowly start adding grounding wires/stimulators etc. It can be quite a slow and painful process to figure it out. Best of luck!
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