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Asking for price of Distek Disintegration System 3100

Could I ask for the price of a brand new or a used Distek Disintegration System 3100 as well as how many beaker, disintegration basket, fluted dish and 3-Tube Bolus Basket with Fluted Disks are included. And could you please also inform the price of both new and used beaker, disintegration basket, fluted disk and 3-Tube Bolus Basket with Fluted Disks. And if the item is a used one, could you please also inform its service time.

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Zhelun Ma
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LabWrenchEditorReply by

Hi Zhelun,

LabWrench does not sell equipment. However, I have provided you with a link below that will take you to the online request a quote form for the Distek Model 3100.


Please fill in the required information and we will have your request sent out as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Kylie Sauve
LabWrench Site Manager

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Distek Inc.Reply by
Distek Inc.


  You can find more information about our new disintegration tester at the following link. There is also a link on this page to our certified preowned instruments.




Validation and Support Manager


Roger W. Derickson

Validation and Support Manager | Distek, Inc.

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