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Anaerobic Glove Box Using Too Much Gas

If you have found that your Bactron Anaerobic Glove Box is going through your expensive AMG too quickly, it may very likely be leaking out of the arm port covers. Tightening the knobs will only work if the knobs are not defective. The original knobs on these units are made of knurled brass sleeves cast into plastic handles. Over time, and with excessive tightening, the brass sleeve can detach and begin to pull out of the plastic handle. Once this happens, the knob will no longer tighten the lid properly, no matter how tight you turn it, and could potentially damage the plexiglass lid. If you have encountered this situation, upgraded knobs are available from Pohli, Inc here. We have designed and machined custom knobs that solve this problem and can help save you money on anaerobic mixed gas.

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