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mastercycler pro s control panel admin password reset?

Can anybody tell me how to reset admin password? or any service manual for Pro S? 

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Engr Abdul wahabReply by
Engr Abdul wahab

Dear TS


to reset the Admin Pin do the following steps.

The Mastercycler pro is switched off. Proceed as follows to delete the administrator PIN:

1. Switch on the Mastercycler pro.

2. The User window appears.

3. Open the User drop-down menu. To do so, press the Enter softkey.

4. Select the _Service entry in the User drop-down menu.

5. Confirm the selection with the Enter softkey.

6. Enter the value 23456789 into the field PIN.

7. Confirm the selection with the Enter softkey.

8. Select the System node.

9. Press the Prop. button.

10.Select the PIN field with the cursor key.

11.Enter the digit 1. An asterisk appears in the field.

12.Put the cursor in front of the asterisk. Press the Delete softkey. The asterisk will be deleted.

13.Press the OK button.

14.To switch off the device, press the Shutdown button. When you switch on the device again, you can enter a new administrator PIN.

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