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Error code 1012 and 1013


Does anyone know how to resolve these error codes on the Techne 3prime thermal cycler?

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With one 5Prime Techne machine, we always had fatal error code 1012 during the first steps, and only recently solved the problem, by taking the machine apart:

The D-sub connector (three rows with many pins) was badly plugged into its socket (open the back of the machine: the socket is soldered on the main electronic board). The outermost pin of the connector had been crushed, not making contact in the socket. We delicately bent this unfortunate tiny pin back into its original form and managed not to crush it again when reconnecting the cable.

The machine works perfectly since. We found only this single message asking for error code 1012. In our case, it was obviously caused by a rare mishap that must have occurred during assembly of the machine in the factory.

To tell the whole story: this machine could not be used since its purchase because of that problem. We failed to send it back during warranty and only recently, when clearing up the lab, gave it a last chance...



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